Important computer tools for writing scientific papers.

If you do not know how to type efficiently, take a course. It will probably turn out to be the most important investment you have made.

The following is a list of software tools that I use.

A word processor for entering the text: e.g. Microsoft Word.

Useful features

A search engine for references

A spread sheet program for assembling data, generating tables and bar graphs, and simple stats: e.g. Excel.

Useful features

1) Using Worksheets and Workbooks

Suppose each experiment examined 1 of 5 factors in 7 subjects.

  1. For each factor create a page of a worksheet with the data for 1 subject
  2. A worksheet contains 7 pages, one for each subject.
  3. A workbook contains 5 worksheets, each for a different factor.

2) Multiple linking of cells

A computer graphics program for generating the final figures: e.g. Corel Draw.

Useful features

A data base for organizing the references: e.g. Reference Manager.

Useful features

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