An exercise in making a time line

Meeting deadlines by making time lines.

Making a time line for completing you graduate degree.

1) Decide when you want to finish. Considerations:
  • convocation deadline
  • term deadlines
  • fees deadlines
  • next employer's needs.
2) Add other sub-deadlines to meet your thesis deadline. Working backwards, add the following to your time line:
  • last date for thesis submission,
  • last day for your oral defense (a minimum of two weeks before your submission deadline)
  • last pre defense advisory meeting (a minimum of two weeks before your defense)
  • complete thesis (a minimum of two weeks before your last advisory meeting)
  • ideal times for submitting the papers for publication (as soon as each is completed)
  • completion of data analysis
  • completion of experiments etc.
3) Add other deadlines and their sub-deadlines. Add things like:
  • times of scientific meeting deadlines (when to start and finish poster)
  • course deadlines (study period for exams, study period for comprehensive exam study period)
  • scholarship applications
4) Prioritize competing items and reorder so as to time things correctly.  

Copyright 1995
Tutis Vilis
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
University of Western Ontario
London Ontario Canada

Created 28 Sept 1995
Last updated 10 January 2007
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