Parts of grants.

Your grant will be assessed primarily on whether you 1) have a good idea and 2) have a good track record (publications). But excellence in both will just get you into the top quarter. Unfortunately for many granting agencies, that is not good enough. To move up higher in ranking requires a well written grant. This section outlines how to do this. We will use the CIHR operating grant as a model.

General Principles:

You want to turn the reviewers into your advocates.

Read, understand, and answer each question

Suggested Committee

Suggested referees:


Most agencies are willing to give you what really need to finish the experiment.

Research proposal:


What is your focus?

Applicants often make the mistake of listing every idea they have ever had.

Summary & Progress pages

Preliminary data:

Time line:

Advice from Lance M. Optican on "Writing a Successful Grant"

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